Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hate Wednesday: The Seattle Seahawks

We all LOVE the Packers: “Hate Wednesday” is a continuing series wherein I expound upon my deep-seated hatred of other NFL football teams. I’m a Packer fan and Packer fans have long memories. Sometime it’s very simple and sometimes it’s complex. You may have other reasons to hate these teams. These are mine…

Seattle Seahawks: Any Packer fan with a lick of history will know that the Golden Age – Act II began when Ron Wolf reached out and plucked Mike Holmgren out of the Forty-Niner staff and made him head coach of the Green Bay Packers. Then came Favre and Reggie and the rest is history. Coach Holmgren had a system and he had great players and he melded them into an NFL powerhouse, much like Vince Lombardi had done three decades earlier. And the results – a dominating team that appeared in two Super Bowls and won one – were undeniable. But that wasn’t enough for Mike Holmgren! He not only wanted to be the coach of the #1 team in the NFL, he wanted to be the general manager as well. Since the Packers already had a stellar GM in Ron Wolf, Green Bay suddenly became a dead-end job. Along came the Seattle Seahawks and made Holmgren the offer he couldn’t refuse: Head coach, general manager, in charge of the whole shootin’ match. Some say that in the final Packer game of his tenure, a playoff loss to San Francisco, Holmgren was merely going through the motions, knowing that the Seattle job was his for the taking. Who knows where the Packers might have gone if Holmgren had been content and Seattle had not been so enticing? We were subsequently saddled with the inept Ray Rhodes and then Mike Sherman who, ironically, would become Packer coach/GM and we all know how that ended. It wasn’t all Seattle’s fault (I put a lot of the blame right on Holmgren) but it’s reason enough to HATE the Seahawks.

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